Pipette Tips and Racks

Axygen™ 10µL Microvolume Filter Tips

Axygen Universal Tips are designed to fit a wide variety of single and multi-channel pipettes, compatible with most popular brands of pipettes. These polypropylene tips are nonpyrogenic and certified to be RNase-/DNase-free. They are available in Maxymum Recovery, bevelled, Eppendorf-style, nonsterile, sterile, non-filtered, and other features for specialized applications. X4800 Filter tip Axygen MAXYMUM RECOVERY pre-steri

Thermo Scientific™ Automation Tips for Beckman™ Liquid Handling Systems with AP96 Dispense Head

Increase pipetting performance with Thermo Scientific™ Automation Tips for Beckman™ Liquid Handling Systems, which undergo a rigorous 15-point quality control program to ensure consistency. X960 TIPS MBP CLEAR, GENOMIC, NON-STERILE 10racks of 96 tips for use with Multimek 250µL

Axygen™ 200μL Universal Pipette Tips200μL, Beveled, Reference

Designed to fit a wide variety of single and multi-channel pipettes X4800 Pipettor tip Axygen MAXYMUM RECOVERY bevelle

Thermo Scientific™ D.A.R.T.«S™ (Disposable Automation Research Tips)

D.A.R.T.«S (Disposable Automation Research Tips) have been designed for the ultimate performance in automated pipetting X1920 Pipettor tips Disposable Automation Research

Fisherbrand™ Top-Line Pipette Tips

Eliminate sample contamination and prevent sample loss. . Fisherbrand™ Top-Line Pipette Tips provide precision pipetting with conical tip and secure fit. X960 Fisherbrand Tip 5-300µl, clear, non sterile,racked/96

Fisherbrand™ MagPette™ Pipette Holder

Secures to most metal surfaces with four powerful magnets. Fisherbrand™ MagPette™ holds two pipettors and fits most pipettor brands. PIPETTE HOLDER MAGPETTE(TM) MAGNETICholder for manual pipettes, fits mostpopular

Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Universal Pipette Tips

Protect your samples, pipettes and results.by using Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Universal Pipette Tips. These versatile tips will prevent cross-contamination. X1000 TIP BLANCHE 5-250µLMULTICHANNEL

Axygen™ Biomek™ FX/NX Aerosol Barrier Filtered Robotic Tips

X4800 Pipettor filter tip Axygen sterilised polypr

Thermo Scientific™ ART™ Barrier Reload Insert, Extended Length Pipette Tips

Obtain accurate and consistent performance with these pipette tips, which seal when exposed to potential contaminants. X960 ART20E 10ul filter tip, reload insert, LRlow retention, filter barrier, sterile

Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Blue Pipet Tip

Make pipetting simple and safer for even the most sensitive applications. Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Blue Pipet Tips are perfectly fit for manual or electronic, single or multichannel pipets. X1000 PIPETTE TIPS BLUEBULK PACKpolypropylene 200 to1,000µL (pack of 1K)

Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ EasyPack™ Tips

Sealed with an easy open/close zipper lock. Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ EasyPack™ Tips come in bulk packs with assorted sizes. X1002 Diamond TIP D5ML EASYPACK

Thermo Scientific™ ClipTip™ Non-Filtered Pipette Tips (EU IVD/CE-marked)

Ensure a secure seal for every sample. A unique, innovative interlocking technology ensures a complete seal on every channel with minimal tip attachment and ejection force. X960 ClipTip 50, Nonsterile, Racked/96, 10 racks/pack

Thermo Scientific™ PocketTip™ D.A.R.T.'S™ (Disposable Automation Research Tips)

Reduce reagent, labware and sample costs while improving data quality through the elimination of intermediate pipetting steps with soft in-tip mixing. PocketTip DARTs30ul with 50nl, 10 racks of

Corning™ Universal Fit Pipet Tips: Bulk Packed

Designed to assure a reliable fit with major brand pipetters X1000 tip 1-200µL, Universal Fit, PP, Natural, Nonsterile, 1000/bag

Axygen™ Hanging Wafer Robotic Tips: Tecan-Style Liquid Level Sensing Tips, Presterilized

Black tips for accurate sample delivery X2304 Pipettor filter tip Axygen Tecan-Style

Eppendorf™ epTIPS™ LoRetention Tips

Unique material property provides maximum sample recovery, improved reproducibility and higher sensitivity for detergent containing liquids X480 epTIPS LoRetention 0.1-10ul (1 box of 5 trays)

Fisherbrand™ Gel-Loading Aerosol-Barrier Tips

Help minimize liquid retention X960 Fisherbrand SureOne Filter Gel Loading Tip 10-100µl, clear, sterile, racked/204

Eppendorf™ ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.™

Use these tips for the ultimate protection of pipette and sample against unintentional and unnoticed contamination by aerosols, drops and splashes. Eppendorf™ ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.™ feature two filter layers to provide dual protection against aerosols. X960 ep Dualfilter TIPS 2-100ul PCR clean/96

Brand™ Pipettor Tip


Kartell™ PC/PP Pipette Tips

Make pipetting safer and simple for even the most sensitive applications. Kartell™ PC/PP Pipette Tips are compatable with a wide variety of pipette models. X960 Micro Tip 0.5-10ul, PP, clear, non sterile, racked/96 - Eppendorf compatible

Eppendorf™ epTiPS LoRetention Dual filter Pipette tips

Optimally coordinated to Eppendorf pipettes. Eppendorf™ epTiPS offer minimal attachment and ejection forces with the highest level of tightness. SAMPLE EPTIPS LORETENTION DUALFILTER 2-100UL

Thermo Scientific™ ART™ Barrier Hinged Rack Pipette Tips

Perform pipetting accurately and consistently with Thermo Scientific™ ART™ Barrier Hinged Rack Pipette Tips, which seal when exposed to potential contaminants. x960 barrier tip ART20P, 20µl sterile, hinged racK20µl Micropoint - 96 tips/rack, 10 racks/pack

Ratiolab™ Polypropylene Blue Pipet Tip E

Use these pipet tips for simple and safe liquid handling in the most sensitive applications. Ratiolab™ Polypropylene Blue Pipet Tips E are ideal for manual or electronic, single or multichannel pipets. X120 Pipettor tip Fisherbrand Universal MultiTray

Axygen™ Hanging Format Automation Pipet Tips for Hamilton Microlab™ Star Line and Nimbus™

Compatible with Hamilton MICROLAB STAR Line and Nimbus automated liquid handling workstations x5760 Tip 300µl, clear, Hamilton CO-RE Style, racked/96

Eppendorf™ Pipette Carousel 2

Carries up to six manual single or multi-channel Eppendorf pipettes. Carousel 2 for 6 Research Plus or Reference or Biomaster pipettes

Fisherbrand™ Premium-Line Low Retention Pipette Tips

Combines the advantages of standard tips with an innovative low retention surface to ensure maximum sample recovery, minimal sample loss, and high-precision pipetting. Fisherbrand™ Premium-Line Low Retention Pipette Tips also prevent sample contamination with conical tip opening. X960 Fisherbrand Low Retention Tip 10-1000µl, clear, non sterile, racked/96

Thermo Scientific™ ART™ SoftFit L™ Non-Filtered Low Retention Pipette Tips in Racks with Lift-off Lid

Pipette samples with the accuracy and precision you expect from your pipette, every time with Thermo Scientific ART SoftFit L pipette tips. For use with Rainin™ LTS pipettes. X960 TIP HLT 200L LR RAININ NO STunsteril (VE=10x96Stck.)

Corning™ Isotip™ Filtered Pipet Tips, Extended Length

Ideal for applications where avoiding cross-contamination is critical, such as DNA amplification and radioisotope handling X960 Filtered IsoTip 1-200µL, universal fit, PP, Natural, Sterile, 96/Rack

Axygen™ Automation Tips for Tecan™, Zymark™, Biotek™ and Dynamic Devices

Ensure consistent performance and quality. Axygen™ Automation Tips for Tecan™, Zymark™, Biotek™ and Dynamic Devices are constructed of clear polypropylene in 96-well racks. Available in nonsterile/sterile, non-filtered/filtered, wide-bore and bottom-labeled options with volumes ranging from 50 to 200μL. X4800 Pipettor filter tip Axygen wide bore polypropylene clear 180µL for OASIS auto liquid handling