General Purpose Syringes

Fisherbrand™ Plastic PP Syringes, Luer Lock

HPLC certified, non sterile disposable syringes made of solvent robust polypropylene X100 10 ml Luer-Lok Plastic Disposable Syringe pac

Poulten & Graf GmbH Sanitex glass and metal syringe

Constructed from metal and glass. Poulten Graf™ Sanitex glass and metal syringes are perfect for measuring and dispensing liquids. SYRINGE FORTUNA OPTIMA LUER 20ML20 ml

Hamilton™ Instrument Syringe

SYRINGE 1025.5TLL 30MM1025.5

Hamilton™ 701N Model Syringe

701N 10UL (26S/50/AS) TQ

SGE™ Syringes with Valves

Prefitted with removable needle and valve or Luer Lock valve 50MR-VLLMA-GT 50ML SYRINGE

Sartorius™ Disposable Plastic Syringes

Disposable plastic syringes that can be used with all syringe filter holders and 3-way valves X12 DISPOSABLE SYRINGEStck.)

Socorex™ Dosys™ All-glass Syringes

Resistant borosilicate glass syringes can be sterilized and reused. Socorex™ Dosys™ All-glass Syringes provide a low-cost alternative to disposable plastic syringes and are easy to disassemble for cleaning. X2 Dosys all glass 155 syringe, 20ml, Luer Lock, metal

Fisherbrand™ Plastic PP Syringes, Luer Slip

HPLC certified, non sterile disposable syringes made of solvent robust polypropylene X100 10ml Luer-Slip Plastic Disposable Syringe pac

Fisherbrand™ Sterile Syringes for Single Use

Manual syringe without needle for research purposes only. Suitable for use with syringe filters x50 Fisherbrand 3P plastic syringe 20 ml, luer slip, ST

Trajan Scientific and Medical™ Diluter/Dispenser Syringes for V6 Pumps

Gives better performance and superior quality. Trajan Scientific and Medical Diluter/Dispenser Syringes for V6 Pumps has the knowledge and expertise that goes into manufacturing an SGE syringe. 100D-V6-GT DISPENSER SYRINGE

Thermo Scientific™ National Target All-Plastic Disposable Syringes

Use these all-plastic disposable syringes to dispense small volumes of liquids, or to pressure filter through our syringe filters. X100 LUER-LOCK PLASTIC SYRINGES,20 ML

Hamilton™ 1001 TLL SAL Instrument Syringe

1001 TLL SAL 1mL Syrd tight, black polyamide plunger for corrosive

Trajan™ eVol™ XCHANGE Syringes

XCHANGE™ analytical syringes can be easily and quickly changed allowing them to be dedicated to individual liquids, and methods, to prevent possible cross-contamination of reagents. 1ML EVOL SYRINGE

Trajan Scientific and Medical™ MicroVolume Syringes

Gives better performance and superior quality. Trajan Scientific and Medical MicroVolume Syringes has the knowledge and expertise that goes into manufacturing an SGE syringe. 100R-7 100UL SYRINGE

Hamilton™ 1700 Series Gastight ChemSeal™ Syringes

With a precision-machined PTFE plunger tip which creates a leak-free seal. 250µL SYR C-XP 30mm

Poulten Graf™ Fortuna™ Optima™ All Glass Luer-Lock Syringe

Able to be autoclaved at 134°C. Poulten Graf™ Fortuna™ Optima™ All Glass Luer-Lock Syringes come with an interchangeable piston.

Terumo™ Eccentric Luer-Tip Three-Part Syringe

Use these syringes for the aspiration of fluids or sampling blood or other body fluids. Terumo™ Eccentric Luer-Tip Three-Part Syringe feature a unique double beveled design for greater patient comfort. X100 SYRINGE STE 3P 10ML LUERLOCK

Terumo™ Syringes With Needle


Poulten & Graf GmbH FORTUNA™ OPTIMA™ Glass and Metal Syringe with Luer-Lock Tip

Poulten & Graf GmbH FORTUNA™ OPTIMA™ Glass and Metal Syringe with Luer-Lock Tip is used to measure and dispense fluids. Glass and metal syringes, FORTUNA, OPTIMA, 20ml:1.0, Luer-Lock, steel piston, amber grd., autocl. 13

Trajan™ Jumbo Syringe

Hold and dispense large gas volumes. Lightweight and ideal for medical equipment calibration. Jumbo syringe 2000MAR-LL-GT 2.0 litre

Hamilton™ Model 1701 RN Digital Syringe

1701 RN 10µL DS (22s/51/3)

Hamilton™ 1000 Series Gastight™ Saltline Syringes

For use with solutions that have a high salt concentration SYRINGE 1010 SAL 10ML

Bunzl Healthcare™ Terumo™ Eccentric Luer-Slip Syringe

Manufactured with polypropylene for superior thermal and chemical resistance. Bunzl™ Terumo™ Eccentric Luer-Slip Syringes have a unique bevel design to facilitate the penetration of the skin and minimize trauma. X50 SYRINGE STE 3P 20ML UNCENTRED

Codan™ Three-part Syringes

Use Codan™ Three-part Syringes to accommodate a variety of medical needs including: catheterization, hypodermic ear treatments, and more. The syringes are latex-free and contain no rubber or silicone. The plastic plunger has a smooth draw and a positive safety stop to prevent accidental spill X100 SYRINGE 3P STE 10ML UNCENTRE

Socorex™ Dosys™ Classic Two-ring Automatic Syringe

Dose with excellent reproducibility using a two-ring handle automatic syringe. Socorex™ Dosys™ Classic Two-ring Automatic Syringe fits either hand and requires limited effort for use. Self Refilling Lab Syringe Dosys classic 163 0.3-2ml, 2-rings, integrated Luer-Lock valve

Duran™ AR Glass Syringes

X50 Syringes, AR GLASS, 25ML, transparent

Hamilton™ CTC A200S 1701 Syringe

SYRINGE HAMILTON CTC A200S 1701 GLASS NEEDLE 22Sgauge, point style 3 10µL