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Explore our wide selection of life sciences products, including reagents, assays, antibodies, immunoassays, and more. Dedicated Fisher Scientific life sciences specialists are ready to help you find the research products and supplies you need for your molecular biology, cell biology, and protein purification and detection workflows.

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Cell Culture

Discover products for seeding, cell expansion, harvesting, and more.

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Cell Analysis Methods

Find what you need for flow cytometry, cell imaging, and more.

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Protein Biology Methods

Browse isolation, purification, separation, and detection essentials.

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PCR and qPCR

Explore popular products for this important workflow step.

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Molecular Biology Methods

Browse the latest products for your research needs.

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Microbiology Methods

Find products for sample collection, analysis, and more.

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Let Fisher Scientific help you find everything you need for use in your histology applications.

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Life Science Instruments

The smartest laboratory solutions are the ones you never have to think about—because they keep you focused on doing the research you need to do.

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Benchtop Instrument Brochure

Our broad instrument portfolio offers core research capabilities that help you to save time and money while accelarating your discoveries.

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Pall Life Science Solutions

From cell line development to clone selection, optimization, and protein analysis, Pall’s high-performance filtration solutions cover every step of the life science workflow. Our dependable, reliable products have earned researchers’ trust by simplifying processes, reducing risk, and accelerating laboratory throughput.

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Life Science Analysis and Testing

For your life science analysis and testing needs.

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Laboratory Essentials

For your life science workflow.

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Molecular Biology Research Essentials

Find products to support your research into vaccine development, virology, and other critical therapies.

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