Pharmaceutical Industry Sampling Containers

Polystyrene Containers Polystyrene Containers

Thermo Scientific Sterilin - Quality and reliability for microbiology

A range of sample containers ideal for the needs of Pharmaceutical Industry customers; offering guaranteed sterility, endotoxin free, leak proof performance and lot numbered for traceability.

Non-Pyrogenic containers

non pyrogeniic contaienrs

No need to validate your own containers for endotoxin testing

  • We have a ready validated range certified endotoxin free to levels < 0.01EU/ml
  • Lot Number on each container for traceability
  • Gamma irradiated with sterility assurance level of 10-6
  • Leak tested in accordance with BS EN 14254 annexe D
  • Choice of 6 sizes: 7ml, 30ml, 60, 100ml, 150ml, 250ml
  • Certificate supplied on request
Sterile sampling

Sterile sampling

Plunge the container when no taps are available for sterile sampling.

  • Choice of volume (30ml, 100ml ,250ml) and convenient long integral handle to enable safe sample collection from hard to access areas and deep containers   
  • Gamma irradiated with sterility assurance level of 10-6
  • Available in clear polystyrene and coloured blue for ease of visibility in the sample under test
  • Simply break off the handle and screw on the cap for transportation back to the laboratory
Sterile double individually bagged containers

Sterille double individually bagged containers

Ideal for use in clean room and sterile areas

  • Available in 3 sizes - 30ml, 100ml and 250ml
  • Each container is double bagged in easy to tear bags
  • Sterile by gamma irradiation at SAL 10-6
  • Each unit contains irradiation dot as proof of sterility and lot number for traceability
  • Leak tested in accordance with BS EN 14254