Pumps and Tubing

Fisherbrand™ KDS100 Legacy Syringe Pump

Accommodates 10μL to 60mL glass or plastic syringes of any make. Fisherbrand™ KDS100 Legacy Syringe Pump is an infusion pump with a fast flow rate.

Ismatec™ VC-380 Ecoline Pump

Use these stackable pumps for applications requiring lower pulsation, higher flow rates or elevated differential pressures. Ismatec™ Ecoline Pumps are designed for accurate and reproducible fluid transfer in laboratories and industry.

Bohlender™ BOLA™ GL Screw-in Tube Fittings, PTFE

Feature universal chemical resistance and withstand pressure up to 10 bar.

Masterflex™ I/P™ Precision Brushless Pump System with Easy-Load™ Pump Head

Use this system for precision and repeatability in peristaltic pumping applications. Masterflex™ I/P™ Precision Brushless Pump System with Easy-Load™ Pump Head handles challenging applications with minimal maintenance.

Ark Plas Products™ Polypropylene Male Luers with Lock Ring

Use these luers with a wide variety of medical and laboratory instruments. Ark Plas Products™ Polypropylene Luer Plugs feature conical tapers molded to ISO 594-1 and ISO 594-2 Standards for 6% luer tapers to ensure compatibility with all other luers molded to the same standard.

Fisherbrand™ Translucent Silicone Tubing

Use this tubing with peristaltic pumps. Fisherbrand™ Translucent Silicone Tubing is ideal for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and sterile fluid transfer applications.

Welch™ LVS 210 T ef Laboratory Vacuum System

Designed for solvent distillation and evaporation applications. Welch Ilmvac™ LVS Laboratory Vacuum Systems comprise an oil-free, chemical duty diaphragm pump with optional control packages, liquid containment and exhaust vapor condenser for optimal solvent recovery.

Buerkle™ AirJet™ Mini Membrane Vacuum Pump

Able to pump, compact and evacuate 100% oil-free, which means it does not distort results or add impurities.

Bohlender™ BOLA™ PTFE Two-Way Valve

Use these two-way valves for distributing liquids or gases. Bohlender™ BOLA™ PTFE Two-Way Valves feature universal chemical resistance and offer quick and easy disconnection of flow.

Labconco™ Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Designed for use with Labconco Freeze-dry Systems—compact size easily fits into freeze-dry system cabinets

Fisherbrand™ PVC Transparent Tubing

Can be steam sterilized at 121°C.

Masterflex™ Transfer Tubing, C-Flex™, Clear

Meets the demands of various industries

Masterflex™ L/S™ Easy-Load™ Pump Head Mounting Hardware

Easy stack multiple pump heads on your Masterflex™ L/S™ drive

Masterflex™ Flexible PVC Tubing

Stop oxidation and bacteria problems with this PVC tubing. Flexible PVC Tubing is an excellent choice for food and beverage processing and pharmaceutical/biotech applications.

Bohlender™ BOLA™ PPS HT Screw Joint

Use these screw joints for connecting equipment and fittings with GL threads to hard-walled tubing or tubes made of glass, plastic or metal. Bohlender™ BOLA™ PPS HT Screw Joint s are ideal for fixing probes, thermometers, dip tubes or cables in reaction vessels.

Saint-Gobain Tygon™ F-4040-A Tubing

Easily identifiable yellow, flexible tubing for transportation of petroleum, heating oils, kerosene and glycol based coolants. Tygon™ F4040-A Tubing resists swelling and brittleness. UV and Ozone resistant.

Saint-Gobain Tygon™ LMT-55 Tubing Without Configuration

Formulated for resistance to flex fatigue and abrasion and is less permeable than rubber tubing. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Tygon™ LMT-55 Tubing Without Configuration handles virtually all inorganic chemicals found in the lab.

Masterflex™ Luer Fitting Kit

Organize your workstation with these convenient barbed fittings kits. Cole-Parmer™ Luer Fitting Kit includes 470+ fittings in various styles in a sturdy plastic case.

Masterflex™ Polycarbonate Luer Fittings

Designed to work with microtubing and luer-type syringes. Standard-sized connecting ends make these luer fittings completely interchangeable for surefire installations.

Buerkle™ Pump-it™ Container Pump

Create pressure with a hand pump that forces liquid out of the canister with the Pump-it™ Canister Pump. The pump is designed to quickly and cleanly empty canisters and small barrels up to 60L capacity.

Masterflex™ Kynar™ Reducing Connectors, PVDF

Combine these simple, economical reducing connectors with flexible tubing for use in your low-pressure applications (generally less than 30 psi). Kynar™ PVDF Reducing Connectors slide into soft tubing. Tubing elasticity holds the tubing onto the fitting for low-pressure installations.

Ark Plas Products™ Colored Vinyl (PVC) Tubing

General purpose fluid transfer tubing for the laboratory, color-coded for rapid identification.

Huber Kaeltmaschinenbau™ NW 8 Coupling Hose

Accessory for use with thermostats, coolers.

Welch Ilmvac™ MPC 301 Z Vacuum Pump

Use these pumps for chemical duty applications. Welch Ilmvac™ MPC 301 Z Vacuum Pumps use PTFE and other fluorinated plastics for the wetted parts to allow aggressive solvent and acid vapors to be pumped.

Fisherbrand™ Vacuum Pump with UK and US Cables

Quiet in operation with very low vibration. Fisherbrand™ Vacuum Pump with UK and US Cables designed for general duty laboratory applications requiring only rough vacuum or moderate pressure.

Saint-Gobain Sterile Silicone Tubing

Use this tubing for biopharmaceutical applications. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Sterile Silicone Tubing is biologically inert and does not inhibit cell culture. Stays flexible down to -50°C and maintains its chemical, mechanical and electrical performance up to +200°C.