Spatulas, Forceps and Utensils

Fisher Scientific supports you in every area of your facility. We offer you a comprehensive range of common lab essentials tools like spatulas, scissors, stir bars and rods, mortar and pestles, dissection tools and standard surgical instruments for ex. tweezers and forceps, knives, blades and scalpels to cell biology consumables such as syringes and needles, scrapers, spreaders, loops, needles and cell strainers.

Spatulas, Stirring rods

Sample Collection

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Discover our selection of buckets, spatulas, tongs and other samplers for your daily needs in field, in production areas and in your labs.

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Used for sampling, scooping, scraping, weighing, manual stirring, spreading all type of viscous liquids, powders or pastes, the laboratory spatulas and stir rods are part of your daily lab essentials.

Spatulas are available be in different material (polystyrene or nylon, polypropylene and PTFE or porcelain, stainless steel, nickel). They can be sterile or non-sterile, detectable for food industries, featuring various ends depending on your applications.

The stirring rod (often called policeman) material is most frequently plastic or borosilicate glass.

Metal Spatulas

Forceps and Tweezers


Best-Sellers - Forceps and Tweezers

Looking for the most commonly used forceps and tweezers

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Fisher Scientific is offering a comprehensive range of forceps with different dimensions, handle shapes and tip styles (sharp with narrow flutes or blunt, curved, beveled, serrated or unserrated) for all your applications from major or minor surgery, extract tissue for example, dissection, microdissection, slides or cover glasses manipulation, or even filter handling and dressings sets.

Specific stainless steel forceps such as:

Dissecting tools


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Looking for the most commonly used scalpels

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Find all the dissection tools and the related equipment you need that will help you conducting precision operations.


Cell Culture consumables

Cell culture consumables are critical to the overall success of any cell culture research, so make sure everyone in your lab uses the best procedures and products to consistently get the outcomes you expect. Our cell culture consumable range covers cryogenic vials, pipettes, flasks, dishes, plates and inserts, syringes, needles, scrapers, spreaders, loops, filters, needles and cell strainers from our key partners. Find out all our cell culture consumables

Discover our full Cell biology portfolio and key partners with our Cell Biology Workflows

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