Cell Analysis

Abnova™ alpha-Ketoglutarate Assay Kit

alpha-Ketoglutarate Assay Kit is used for quantifying alpha-KG. 1SET alpha-Ketoglutarate Assay Kit

O-Acetyl-L-carnitine Hydrochloride

Weak cholinergic agonist 25GR O-Acetyl-L-carnitine hydrochloride 25g

Thermo Scientific™ 5000 Series 0.03μm to 0.30μm Polymer Particle Suspensions

Optimize research in light scattering, microporous filter checking, and aerosol particle generation with these particle suspensions. 1000ML PS 240NM 10% Polymer Suspension - Polymer Microsphere

Thermo Scientific™ 5000 Series 1.0μm to 3.2μm Polymer Particle Suspensions

Meet the need for particulate materials with a variety of particle sizes and properties. 1000ML PS 3.2UM 10% Polymer Suspension - Polymer Microsphere

BD Cytometric Bead Array Human IL-8 Flex Set Standard

Used as standard control Hu IFN-Gma CBA Flex Set Std Lyo 0.2mL

Alfa Aesar™ HIV Integrase Protein Inhibitor (1)

5MG HIV Integrase Protein Inhibitor (1) 5mg

Thermo Scientific™ 4000 Series Monosized Particles

Minimize response of analytic systems to shape effects with monosized particles. 1GR PSDVB NIST 1000UM 1000 um, packaged in 15 ml

Thermo Scientific™ Opti-Bind™ Polystyrene Sulfate Particles

Achieve maximum reactivity in many diagnostic applications with Thermo Scientific™ Opti-Bind™ Polystyrene Sulfate Particles. 100ML OPTIBIND POLYSTYRENE PARTICLES, 0,1µM, 10% solids, pasteurised, used in slide agglutination,

Erbstatin Analog

An inhibitor of the EGF receptor associated tyrosine kinase 1MG Erbstatin analog

Abnova™ Caspase-3 Assay Kit (Colorimetric)

Caspase-3 Assay Kit (Colorimetric) is used for detecting the activity of caspases that recognize the sequence DEVD using colorimetric method. 1SET Caspase-3 Assay Kit (Colorimetric)

Thermo Scientific™ Labtainer™ BPC Bag with 3 Ports, Luer Lock

Simplify cleaning and disposal and reduce cross-contamination risks for 2 to 50L volumes of media, buffers, water for injection (WFI) and biological products. X34 Labtainer BPC's, End Dispense, 3 ports, End Ported with Male and Female LL, Single Pack (5L)

Thermo Scientific™ Opti-Link™ Carboxylate-Modified Particles

Control sensitivity, specificity and stability with various acid content available within Thermo Scientific™ Opti-Link™ Carboxylate-Modified Particles. 15ML CM-WH 0.3µM 10% Opti-Link - OptiLink carboxylate particles,

Quickfit™ Glass Stirrer Shaft

Designed for use with SVL™ stirrer heads and stirrer bearings X5 SVL STIRRER SHAFT (TO FIT SVL REACTION VESSELSCAPACITY, 2000, 4000, 6000, 10000 ML)

Thermo Scientific™ 7000 Series Copolymer Microsphere Suspensions

Meet the need for particulate materials with a variety of particle sizes and properties with Thermo Scientific™ 7000 Series Copolymer Microsphere Suspensions. 15ML PSDVB 45UM 10% Co-Polymer - Polymer Microsphere Suspensions

Thermo Scientific™ 3000 Series Nanosphere™ Size Standards

Conveniently check the sizes of bacteria, viruses, ribosomes and sub-cellular components with these size standards. 15ML PS NIST 150NM 1% NIST Standard 3 - Nanospheres Polymer

Abnova™ Caspase-2 Inhibitor Screening Kit

Caspase-2 Inhibitor Screening Kit is used for screening caspase inhibitors using fluorometric methods. 1SET Caspase-2 Inhibitor Screening Kit

Thermo Scientific™ Dyed Red Aqueous Fluorescent Particles

Improve sensitivity and detectability for analytical methods with microsphere suspensions that are internally dyed and feature bright, high-contrast colors. 15ML RED FL PS 0.50UM 1% Flouro-Max Color - Dyed Microsphere Suspensions

Thermo Scientific™ Cyto-Plex™ Carboxylated Particles

Save time when measuring analytes with Thermo Scientific™ Cyto-Plex™ Carboxylated Particles, open platform particles for suspension array analysis. 5ML FLRDPS 4UM L9 1.4E8 Cyto-Plex CM - Flow Cytometry Fluorescent

Alfa Aesar™ Oxaliplatin

50MG Oxaliplatin

Thermo Scientific™ Power-Bind™ Streptavidin Coated Particles

Bind a variety of biotinylated ligands, including DNA/RNA, oligos, antibodies and proteins with Thermo Scientific™ Power-Bind Streptavidin Coated Particles. 5ML POWER-BIND STREPTAVIDIN PARTICLES, 0,3µM, 1%,, 0,05 Azide SA1, used in slide agglutinati

Thermo Scientific™ ChromoSphere™-T Certified Size Standards

Achieve high visual contrast with Thermo Scientific™ ChromoSphere™-T Certified Size Standards, colored polymer microspheres with NIST™-traceable diameters. 1GR BLACK PSDVB NIST 500UM NIST Standard Chromo Dry Dyed - Black Dyed

BD FACS™ Shutdown Solution

Used with FACS™ flow cytometer systems. BD™ FACS™ Shutdown Solution rinses system components to remove cleaning solution residue. It provides a more thorough rinsing than plain distilled water. Provided in a bulk container for frequent use. FACS Shutdown Solution

Abnova™ Caspase-5 Assay Kit (Fluorometric)

Caspase-5 Assay Kit (Fluorometric) is used for detecting the activity of caspases that recognize the sequence WEHD using fluorometric method. 1SET Caspase-5 Assay Kit (Fluorometric)

Thermo Scientific™ 9000 Series Glass Particle Standards

Replace polystyrene spheres in many applications with dry glass NIST™-traceable size standards. 1GR SLGLASS NIST 40UM NIST Standard Glass 9 - Duke Standards Uniform

Alfa Aesar™ Caspase-3 Inhibitor III

1MG Caspase-3 Inhibitor III

U-73122, 95%

10MG U-73122, 95%

Abnova™ Cathepsin S Activity Assay Kit

Cathepsin S Activity Assay Kit is use for measuring cathepsin S activity using fluorometric methods. 1SET Cathepsin S Activity Assay Kit

Thermo Scientific™ BioProcess Containers for HyPerforma™ Single-Use Mixer

Support impeller-based mixing in bioproduction using these bioprocess containers. 500L BPC for SUM - SS - Liquid/Liquid - withprobe ports

Thermo Scientific™ Labtainer™ BPC Bag with 2 Ports, Luer Lock and MPC Insert

Simplify cleaning and disposal and reduce cross-contamination risks for 50 to 2000mL volumes of media, buffers, water for injection (WFI) and biological products. X10 BPC W/ TWO 1/8 PORTS 250ML

GE Healthcare Cytopore 1

20 GR CYTOPORE(TM) 1, OPTIMISED FOR R-CHO INstirred tank culture,also for cell lines needing