Electrophoresis, Western Blotting and ELISA

Invitrogen™ Hemoglobin Colorimetric Detection Kit

Assay Hemoglobin levels in Whole Blood, RBCs, and hemolyzed Serum and Plasma samples. X2 96 Tests Hemoglobin Colorimetric Detection Kit

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ ECL Western Blotting Substrate

Value-priced, entry-level peroxidase substrate for enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL) that directly replaces costlier products without the need to re-optimize conditions. 50 ML ECL WESTERN BLOTTING SUBSTRATE

GE Healthcare Amersham™ Protran™ NC Nitrocellulose Membranes: Rolls

Use this versatile nitrocellulose membrane for excellent binding affinity for small proteins and peptides, as well as nucleic acids. GE Healthcare Amersham™ Protran™ NC Nitrocellulose Membranes: Rolls offer excellent sensitivity, resolution, and low background. X1 Amersham Protran 0.1um Nitrocellulose 300mm x 4m roll

Acrylamide, +99%, for biochemistry, electrophoresis grade, ACROS Organics™

Chemical Name or Material: Acrylamide Name Note: 99+% CAS: 79-06-1 CAS Min %: 99.0 CAS Max %: 100.0 Purity Grade: For biochemistry Assay: ≥99% Assay Percent Range: 99+% Molecular Formula: C3H5NO Linear Formula: H2C=CHCONH2 Formula Weight: 71.08 MDL Number: MFCD00008032 Synonym: Ethylenecarboxamide, 2-Propenamide 2.5KG Acrylamide, 99+%, for biochemistry, electrophoresis grade

Thermo Scientific™ 6X DNA Loading Dye

Prepare DNA markers and samples for loading on agarose or polyacrylamide gels with Thermo Scientific™ 6X DNA Loading Dye. X5 6X DNA LOADING DYE, COMPOSITION: 10MM TRIS-HCL(pH7.6), 0.03% bromophenol blue, 0.03% xylene

Thermo Scientific™ Lab Vision™ Ready-To-Use Streptavidin Peroxidase

Incubate slides for 10 minutes with Thermo Scientific™ Lab Vision™ Streptavidin Peroxidase (Ready-to-Use) reagent for results that will remain stable for 18 months. 125 ML STREPTAVIDIN PEROXIDASE (READY-TO-USE)(625-1250 slides) 125mL

EMD Millipore™ Immobilon™-P PVDF Transfer Membranes

Optimized for binding proteins transferred from a variety of gel matrices. EMD Millipore Immobilon™-P PVDF Transfer Membranes have superior handling, staining, and resistance than nitrocellulose. For use with Western blots and protein sequencing. Available in sheets or rolls. X10 Immobilon-P 15 x 15cm sheet PVDF .45um

Hoefer™ SE 250 Vertical Electrophoresis Unit Accessory, Plates

Use with the SE 250 vertical electrophoresis unit. Hoefer™ SE 250 Vertical Electrophoresis Unit Accessory, Plates come in a variety of styles for particular needs. GLASPLATTA UTSKUREN 10X8CM TILL SE250 5/FP

Acrylamide: Bis-Acrylamide 29:1 (40% Solution/Electrophoresis), Fisher BioReagents

1LT Acrylamide:Bis-Acrylamide 29:1 solution 40%, DNase and RNase free, electrophoresis tested

EMD Millipore SNAP i.d.™ 2.0 Protein Detection System: Blot Roller

Blot roller for EMD Millipore SNAP i.d. 2.0 Protein Detection Systems Snap i.d. 2.0 Blot Roller

GE Healthcare Amersham™ Hyperfilm™ ECL

Use with all blue and green light chemiluminescent systems. GE Healthcare Amersham™ Hyperfilm™ ECL is constructed from a clear base coated on both sides with a photographic emulsion that is protected by an anti-scratch layer. X100 Autoradiography film GE Healthcare Amersham

GE Healthcare Immobiline™ DryStrip Gels

Represent a comprehensive selection of narrow-, medium- and wide-range IPG strips. GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ Immobiline™ DryStrip gels (IPG strips) are used for isoelectric focusing (IEF), run as the first dimension of 2-D electrophoresis or as a separate application. X12 IMM. DRYSTRIP PH 7-11 NL 24CM

Acrylamide: Bis-Acrylamide 37.5:1 (Powder/Electrophoresis), Fisher BioReagents

100GR Acrylamide:Bis-Acrylamide 37.5:1 powder, DNase and RNase free, electrophoresis tested

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Lane Marker Sample Buffers

Ready-to-use 5X SDS-PAGE sample loading buffers available in reducing and nonreducing formulations, both with a pink dye buffer-front marker. LANE MARKER REDUCING SAMPLE BUFFER (5X), 5 MLStore in freezer at -20C

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Color Silver Stain Kit

Detect proteins with this metallic silver staining technique that produces color variations to differentiate protein bands and spots in 1D and 2D gels. COLOR SILVER STAIN KIT

Thermo Scientific™ PageRuler™ Unstained Broad Range Protein Ladder

A mixture of 11 proteins (5 to 250kDa) for use as size standards in protein electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) and Western blotting. X2 Fermentas PageRuler(TM) Broad Range Unstained

GE Healthcare EPS 301 Electrophoresis Power Supply

Cover the wide range of electrophoresis and blotting applications. Designed for performance, EPS Power Supplies can be relied on for security and reproducibility POWER SUPPLY GE HEALTHCARE EPS 301 120-240V 50-60Hz 5 to 300V, 80W max

GE Healthcare IPG Buffers

Produce more uniform conductivity along the Immobiline™ DryStrip during focusing. GE Healthcare IPG Buffers are ampholyte-containing buffers formulated for use with Immobiline™ DryStrip gels. IPG BUFFER, PH 7-11 NL

Agarose (Low-Melting, Nucleic Acid Recovery/Molecular Biology Grade), Fisher BioReagents

25GR Agarose, low melting, nucleic acid recovery,Molecular biology grade

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Coomassie Brilliant Blue R-250 and G-250 Dyes

Prepare colorimetric protein gel stains using purified powdered preparations of the two most common forms of coomassie dye as the base. COOMASSIE BRILLIANT BLUE R-250 DYE, 50 G

Acrylamide, 98.5%, extra pure, ACROS Organics™

Chemical Name or Material: Acrylamide CAS: 79-06-1 Purity Grade: Extra Pure Assay: 98.5% Assay Percent Range: 98.5% Molecular Formula: C3H5NO Linear Formula: H2C=CHCONH2 Formula Weight: 71.08 Synonym: Ethylenecarboxamide, 2-Propenamide 2.5KG Acrylamide, 98.5%, extra pure

Invitrogen™ Novex TNF- Human Ultrasensitive ELISA Kit

Quantifies natural and recombinant human Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha (TNF-α) in serum, plasma, buffered solution, or cell culture medium HU TNF ALPHA US ELISA KITThe TNF- Ultrasensitive ELISA Kit quantifies

Agarose Gel-Loading Dye, 6X (Contains 15% Ficoll™ 400/Molecular Biology), Fisher BioReagents

5ML Agarose Gel-Loading Dye, 6X (Contains 15% Ficoll 400) for Molecular Biology

Phalloidin DyLight 594, Invitrogen™

Phalloidin Control, DyLight 594 conjugate, 21836, from Invitrogen™., 21836, from Invitrogen™. Species Reactivity: Many; Applications: ICC, IF, IHC. X300 UNITS DYLIGHT 594 PHALLOIDIN CONJUGATE

Agarose (Intermediate Melting/PCR Grade), Fisher BioReagents

100GR Agarose, intermediate melting, (PCR grade)

Fisher BioReagents™ EZ-Run™ Rec Protein Ladder

Mixture of 14 highly purified recombinant proteins optimized for precise sizing of proteins by SDS-PAGE and Western blotting EZ-Run recombinant protein ladder, 10 to 200kDa, 14 bands, 500uL (100 loadings)

Thermo Scientific™ Microplate Sealing Tape

Clear, self-sticking sealing tape for standard microplates. X100 Sealing tape Pierce for 96 well EIA plates

Agarose (Medium-EEO/Protein Electrophoresis Grade), Fisher BioReagents

100GR Agarose, medium EEO, Protein Electrophoresis Grade

GE Healthcare Amersham™ ECL™ Prime Western Blotting Detection Reagent

Enables the use of highly diluted primary and secondary antibodies without reducing sensitivity.  GE Healthcare Lifescience™ Amersham™ ECL™ Prime Western Blotting Detection Reagent produces high signal intensity and sensitivity. X3 AMERSHAM ECL PRIME, CHEMILUMINESCENT WESTERNblotting detection reagent 3mLStore in Fridge at

GE Healthcare Accessories for SE 250/260 Mini-vertical Gel Units: Alumina Notched Plate

X10 ALUMINA PLATE NOTCHED FORHOE-200-010X 10CM X8cm 10 pack (pack of 10)