DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Cover for Glass Staining Dish

Made of Soda lime glass X3 Cover Only, 20 Slide

Polypropylene Sterilizable Bowl

Buerkle™ Polypropylene Sterilizable Bowl features a wide holding edge for stability and stackability. Bowl sterilisable PP white 1l

VITLAB™ Melamine Formaldehyde Mortar

X5 Mortar, MF white, with lip, 500ml

Sampling Systems™ Weighing PharmaScoop™

Sampling Systems™ Weighing PharmaScoop™ is ideal for use with weighing scales in hygienic environments. WEIGHING SCOOP - 500ML - 316SS

Simport™ Contact Plate™

Made of polystyrene. Facilitate counting of colonies with this sterile contact plate. Simport™ Contact Plates includes 10 x 10mm grid with numbered and lettered squares to count and locate colonies. X500 Contact Plate 60x15mm, PS, Sterile, bagged/20

BRAND™ PMP Schiefferdecker Staining Troughs

PMP construction with Shiefferdecker pattern fits 20 slides back to back. X4 Stain.trough PMP Schiefferdecker w. lidfor 20 slides 76x26mm

Fisherbrand™ Borosilicate Glass Crystallizer without Spout

Use the Fisherbrand™ Borosilicate Glass Crystallizer without Spout to perform crystallization. FISHERBRAND CRISTALLISOIR SANS BEC

Gosselin™ 100x15mm Bi-Plate Petri Dish, Double Bagged with Traceability Labels, Optimized for automation

Optimized for automation and double-bagged for security X825 Round Petri plate PS, 3 ventsH14.2 Ø90, 2 compartments, frosted area, traceability, sterile

Azlon™ Polyethylene Cylindrical Pneumatic Trough

Cylindrical, one piece pneumatic troughs PNEUMATIC TROUGH 30X15CM PE

Fisherbrand™ Polystyrene Square-Shaped Antistatic Weighing Boat

Weigh and pour samples with ease. Fisherbrand™ Polystyrene Square Shaped Antistatic Weighing Boat folds easily and features a smooth surface and round corners for easy pouring. Choose the size and color that works best for your needs. Disposable and durable. X500 Weighboat, square, antistatic, polystyrene, white,

Duran™ 3.3 BoroSilicate Glass Watch Glasses

Manufactured from borosilicate glass. DURAN™ 3.3 BoroSilicate Glass Watch Glasses can be used to perform a wide array of laboratory tasks. X10 DURAN Watch glass dish, with fused edges, d =150 mm

Bochem™ 18/10 Stainless Steel Transport jug

304 SS TRANSPORT JUG 10 LAusguss und Henkel, 10 Liter

Duran™ Borosilicate Crystallizing Dishes with Spout

Includes spout. DURAN™ BoroSilicate Crystallizing Dishes with Spout have good thermal shock resistance. X10 DURAN Crystallizing dish, with spout, 500ML

Gosselin™ Polystrene Petri Dish

Includes a 10mm x 10mm numbered grid marked 1 to 4 and A to D for easy calculation of the colony units percm2. Gosselin™ Polystrene Petri Dish have a grip lid that remains on the dish during transport and during drop accidents, limiting contamination risks. X176 Round Petri plate PS natural, without vent H20.6 Ø140, easy to open

Haldenwanger™ Porcelain Evaporating Dishes

Designed with glazed laboratory porcelain to provide excellent thermal and chemical resistance. Haldenwanger™ Porcelain Evaporating Dishes provide a solid basin for evaporating excessive solvents to produce a concentrated solution or solid precipitate. BASIN PORCELAIN ROUND BOTTOM SPOUTED SHALLOW FORMhemispherical D 63 mm

Agencinox™ Stainless Steel Flat Bottom Dish with Handle

Use these dishes in decontamination services, operating rooms, surgeries, clinics and healthcare fields. Agencinox™ Stainless Steel Flat Bottom Dishes are ideal for holding dressings and other items which may be needed during surgical procedures. Stainless Steel Flat Bottom Dish with Handle,500ml

Cole Parmer™ Square Polystyrene Weigh Boats, Blue

Rounded corners simplify transfer of powdered or granular samples. X500 WEIGH BOAT LARGE BLUE

Nickel Electro™ Nickel Evaporating Basin with Spout

Evaporate solutions with a round bottom nickel evaporating dish. Nickel Electro™ Nickel Evaporating Basin with Spout comes in various capacities to accommodate the volume of solution. X5 Bowl round bottom without spout nickel 50mL

Fisherbrand™ Disposable Aluminum Dishes with Fluted Sides

Useful as evaporating and general utility dishes X50 ALU SAMPLE PANS 200ML 65 MM

Rogo Sampaic™ Watch Glasses

Excellent for liquid evaporation, weighing solids, heating small amounts of substances and as beaker covers. Rogo Sampaic™ Watch Glasses are manufactured from durable clear borosilicate glass. X10 WATCH GLASS DISHES DIAM 160 M

Duran™ Steriplan Soda-lime Petri Dishes

Manufactured from soda-lime glass. DURAN™ Steriplan Soda-lime Petri Dishes are hydrolytical class III, i.e. resistance against water. X10 STERIPLAN Petri dish, 200 x 30 mm, soda-lime-glass

Corning™ Falcon™ Bacteriological Petri Dishes with Lid

Manufactured from crystal-grade polystyrene for optical clarity. Corning™ Falcon™ Bacteriological Petri Dishes are not tissue culture treated for cell attachment; for applications where cell attachment is not desired. The surface is hydrophobic. X500 Bacteriological Petri Dish, 35mm, PS, Not TC-

Helios Italquartz Boats with Ring Handle, Transparent

Boats with ring handle constructed of transparent, durable, resistant, and chemically inert quartz glass. QUARTZ GLASS BOAT 33 Na 3 L. 76 mm. l. 19 mm. h. 11 mm.

VITLAB™ Polypropylene Bowls

Mix, store and save lab and foodstuff products. VITLAB™ Polypropylene Bowls are sturdy, lightweight bowls designed for stability and durability. Constructed of high-quality white polypropylene in a variety of sizes. Suitable for use with foodstuffs. X5 Bowl PP white round Ø240mm 3L

Cole Parmer™ Weighing Dishes with Pour Spout, White, 500/Pk

Excellent for weighing static-affected materials. X500 WEIGHING VESSELS LG

Cole-Parmer™ Glassine Weighing Papers

Ensure complete sample transfer with glassine weighing paper. Cole Parmer™ Glassine Weighing Paper are moisture-resistant and nonabsorbent with a smooth glassine surface. X500 WEIGH PAPER 3X3' 500/PK

Cowie Technology™ PTFE Flat-Form Evaporating Dish

Inert and chemically resistant. The PTFE flat-form evaporating dish is available in a variety of sizes. Fisherbrand PTFE Evaporating Dish, Flat Form 28x80mm,100ml

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Evaporating Dish

Manufactured from polypropylene. Bel Art™ SP Scienceware™ Evaporating Dish is a smooth dish with easy pour spout for use in a variety of laboratory tasks. 6/Pack X6 DISH,PP,EVAPORATING,6/PKG

Duran™ Lime-Soda Watch Glasses

Manufactured from lime-soda glass. DURAN™ Lime-Soda Glass Watch Glasses can be used to evaporate a liquid, to hold solids while being weighed, as a cover for a beaker, and for heating a small amount of substance. X10 Watch glass dish, with fused edges, d = 90 mm, soda-lime-glass

Sartorius™ Disposable Sample Pans

Use with Sartorius™ Moisture Balances. Sartorius™ Disposable Aluminum Sample Pans provide easy clean-up when determining moisture content. X80 Sample pans Sartorius for MA50 / MA100 disposaStück)