Clamps, Stands and Supports

OHAUS™ Clamp Connector Wrench

OHAUS™ Clamp Connector provides added support for a wide range of clamp connectors Clamp, Connector, Wrench, CLC-WRNCH

Duran™ Skirted Finished Standard Cones

DURAN Standard cones, skirted, finished, NS 100/60

Pyrex™ Gooch Crucible Adapter


Fisherbrand™ Cut Out Rubber Covered Rings

With cut out section to allow easy removal of equipment. Ring cut out diam 50mm

Duran™ Borosilicate Glass Screw Thread Tubes

X100 Screwthread tubes, RD 14

Erlab™ Captair by Erlab™ Spill Tray Absorbing Mats


Duran™ Glass Sleeve Joints

X10 DURAN Expansion adapters, socket NS 19/26, cone NS

Fisherbrand™ Polyethylene Sleeves

Use for food handling and general applications. Fisherbrand™ Polyethylene Sleeves are made of transparent, 0.1mm thick polyethylene. 350M POLYETHYLENE SLEEVE 120MM

Bochem™ Stainless Steel Stand Base

Support your supplies with the Bochem™ Stainless Steel Stand Base, which has a reinforcing leg for stability. SS STAND BASE 250X160MM250x160mm

GPE Scientific™ J Young Spherical Joint, Female/O-Ring Cup Joint

GPE Scientific™ J Young Spherical Joint, Female/O-Ring Cup Joint is an interchangeable spherical joint available with Viton or PTFE-covered Viton O-Ring. J YOUNG SPHERICAL O-RING CUP JOINT, SHANK BORE: 35MM, SHANK OD: 38MM, USE WITH GBM/51/35

Quickfit™ Swan Neck Adapter

Has screwthread joint to accept thermometers and tubes Glassware adapter swan neck borosilicate glass 24/29 socket and cone

Nickel Electro™ Aluminum Retort Rod

Nickel Electro™ Aluminum Retort Rod can be used for carrying out distillation experiments and as support in filtering. Rod retort aluminium 12.5mm x 600mm, for use withSWR-311-010L

Quickfit™ Reduction Socket Adapter

Made of borosilicate glass. Pyrex Labware™ Quickfit™ Reduction Socket Adapter connects large sized ground glass joints with smaller sized ones. X2 Reduction adapter borosilicate glass 29/32 socket 34/35 cone

Bochem™ Bosshead

Bochem™ Bosshead is constructed of Laboral and features a 90° angle. SS BOSSHEAD 8-27MM 90+180°

OHAUS™ Lab Lift

OHAUS™ Lab Lift provides secure support for holding glassware at elevated positions. Clamp, Support, Lab-Lift, CLR-LBLFTA015

IKA™ Clamping Device for Shakers

POUR ROULEAU 35327/SUPPORT 35326501.1

Duran™ Plastic/Polypropylene Hose Connections

X10 Plastic hose connection with silicone rubber seals

OHAUS™ Support Holder Clamp

OHAUS™ Support Holder Clamp designed to securely hold one tube in place. Clamp, Support, Holder, CLR-HOLDRS

Quickfit™ Single Cone with Long Tip

Allows cone to be joined to glass tubing X10 CONE LONG TIP SINGLE UNBADGED,MA: CBB19UB

IKA™ Fixing Clip Attachment

Use this clip for a variety of applications. IKA™ Fixing Clip Attachments are ideal for shaking flasks, Erlenmeyer flasks and bottles with a round cross-section (without fixing clips). HOLDING CLIP ATTACHMENT FOR HS/KS260 SHAKERS 330x 335 x 25mm

OHAUS™ Multi-Purpose Clamps

OHAUS™ Multi-Purpose Clamps are designed to securely grip and position a variety of laboratory glassware. Clamp, Multi Purpose, CLM-MULTI2DSL

Thermo Scientific™ Universal Platform Clamps for MaxQ™ High Performance Orbital Shakers

Secure vessels using Thermo Scientific™ Universal Platform Clamps for MaxQ™ 8000 Shakers. FLASK CLAMP 1L FOR MAXQ 8000

Metro™ MetroMax Shelf Posts

Compatible with MetroMax i™ and MetroMax Q™ shelves Metro Max Post - MX33P

OHAUS™ Open Ring

OHAUS™ Open Ring designed to securely grip and position laboratory glassware. Clamp, Specialty, Open Ring, CLS-OPENRAS

SVL™ Torion Spare Fitting Joints

For use with Torion glass bodies and rubber/PTFE sealing ring X10 VIS DE SERRAGE EN POLYPROPYLENE TORION 8

Erlab™ Captair Smart Filtering Fume Hood Mobicap

Erlab™ Captair Smart Filtering Fume Hood Mobicap offers a mobile, rolling bench for Captair Smart fume hoods. SMART 392 MOBICAP W/O WORKSURFACE

OHAUS™ Medium Three Prong Sleeves

OHAUS™ Medium Three Prong Sleeves are for use with clamps and can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. Medium 3 Prong Sleeves, Fiberglass

Bochem™ Chrome Steel PVC Coated 3-Fingers Clamps

Includes shaft. Bochem™ Chrome Steel PVC Coated 3-Fingers Clamps span width independently adjustable by 2 regulating screws. 3 FINGER CLAMP PLASTIFIEE 0-35MMPVC beschichtet

SVL™ Rotulex™ Spherical Joints

Offers a grease free spherical joint X5 ROTULEX JOINTS (RF19)(PACK OF 5)

R&L Enterprises™ 3-Prong Clamps

Safely and securely holds articles in place in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ 3-Prong Clamps are manufactured from diecast aluminum alloy, actuated by nickel plated brass pummels and plastic headed nickel plated steel twin screw pivoting on a stainless steel pin. 3 prong clamp