Antibiotics, Buffers and Supplements

Corning™ cellgro™ Trypan Blue

Can be used for variety cell counting methods requiring information on cell count and viability. 100 mL Trypan Blue Solution in PBS 0.4% (w/v)

Water, HPLC for Gradient Analysis, Fisher Chemical

1LT Water, HPLC for gradient analysis

Sulfanilamide 98%, ACROS Organics™

Chemical Name or Material: Sulfanilamide Name Note: 98% CAS: 63-74-1 Assay: ≥97.5% Assay Percent Range: 98% Molecular Formula: C6H8N2O2S Linear Formula: 4-(H2N)C6H4SO2NH2 Formula Weight: 172.2 MDL Number: MFCD00007939 Synonym: 4-Aminobenzenesulfonamide 500GR Sulfanilamide, 98%

Corning™ cellgro™ Molecular Biology Grade Water Tested to USP Sterile water

Sterile: Yes X6 100 mL Water Molecular Biology Grade

Corning™ cellgro™ HEPES, Liquid

An alternative to use of bicarbonate for buffering X6 100 mL HEPES solution 1M

Clindamycin hydrochloride, 97%, Acros Organics™

10MG Clindamycin hydrochloride, 97%

Alfa Aesar™ Rapamycin, 99+%

Chemical Name or Material: Rapamycin CAS: 53123-88-9 Molecular Formula: C51H79NO13 Formula Weight: 914.17 MDL Number: MFCD00867594 Merck Index: 14,8114 Synonym: Sirolimus; AY-22989 100MG Rapamycin, 99+%

Corning™ Matrigel™ hESC-Qualified Matrix

Compatible with mTeSR™1-devloped by StemCell Technologies. Corning™ Matrigel™ hESC-Qualified Matrix is widely accepted as an alternative substrate for the culture of hES cells as well as human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. 5ML MatrigelhESC-Qualified Matrix, LDEV-Free

HEPES (Fine White Crystals/Molecular Biology), Fisher BioReagents

Chemical Name or Material: HEPES CAS: 7365-45-9 Purity Grade: Molecular Biology Grade Purity Grade Notes: DNase-, RNase- and Protease-Free Physical Form: Powder/Solid Assay: ≥99% Assay Percent Range: ≥99 % Molecular Formula: C8H18N2O4S Formula Weight: 238.3 Synonym: N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)piperazine-N«-2-ethanesulfonic Acid 500GR HEPES (Fine White Crystals) for Molecular Biology,

Water, for HPLC-MS, Fisher Chemical

Packaging: Amber glass bottle 1LT Water, for HPLC-MS

Corning™ Nu-Serum™ Growth Medium Supplement

Provides a low-serum alternative to newborn calf, fetal bovine, and other sera used for cell culture 100ML Nu-Serum Growth Medium Supplement

Corning™ cellgro™ Amphotericin B

Packaged in plastic bottles X6 50 mL Amphotericin B 250µg/mL solution

Corning™ cellgro™ DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide)

For cryopreservation of cells along with glycerol, to prevent damage to cell membrane during freezing 250 mL DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide)

Corning™ 0.25% Trypsin, 0.1% EDTA in HBSS w/o Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium Bicarbonate

Used to enzymatically release adherent cells from tissue culture plates for passaging. X6 100 mL Trypsin/EDTA 1X 0,25%

Blasticidin S Hydrochloride (From Streptomyces Griseochromogenes), Fisher BioReagents

Chemical Name or Material: Blasticidin S Hydrochloride Name Note: From Streptomyces griseochromogenes CAS: 3513-03-9 Physical Form: Powder/Solid Assay Percent Range: ≥99.0 % Molecular Formula: C17H26N8O5 · HCl Formula Weight: 458.69 Synonym: BLA-S 50MG Blasticidin S hydrochloride, (from Streptomyces griseochromogenes) (White Powder),

Tetracycline Hydrochloride, Fisher BioReagents

100GR Tetracycline hydrochloride (Yellow Powder)

MES (Fine White Crystals), Fisher BioReagents

100GR MES monohydrate (Fine White Crystals),

Kanamycin Sulfate (White Powder), Fisher BioReagents

5GR Kanamycin Sulfate (White Powder)

Corning™ Matrigel™ GFR Membrane Matrix

Produces a biologically active matrix material resembling the mammalian cellular basement matrix. Corning™ Matrigel™ GFR Basement Membrane Matrix provides a physiologically relevant environment for studies of cell morphology, biochemical function, migration, invasion, and gene expression. 10ML Matrigel Growth Factor Reduced (GFR) Basement

Corning™ Mediatech™ cellgro™ Cell Culture Phosphate Buffered Saline (10X)

With low endotoxin content X6 1 L PBS 10X pH 7,4 w/o Ca Mg

Rifampin, 95%, Acros Organics™

Infrared Spectrum: Authentic Loss on Drying: 2% max. (100 mg, 60°C, 4 h) (vacuum) Melting Point: 183.0°C Formula Weight: 822.94 Solubility Information: Solubility in water: slightly soluble. CAS: 13292-46-1 Molecular Formula: C43H58N4O12 Assay: 95% Chemical Name or Material: Rifampin 1GR Rifampin, 95%

Rapamycin, Fisher BioReagents

1MG Rapamycin (Dry, White or Off-White Powder), >98 %

Thimerosal, Fisher BioReagents

Chemical Name or Material: Thimerosal CAS: 54-64-8 Physical Form: Solid Assay Percent Range: ≥97 % Molecular Formula: C9H9HgNaO2S Formula Weight: 404.8 Synonym: Sodium ethylmercurithiosalicylate 25GR Thimerosal (White Powder),

G418 Sulfate (White to Off-white Powder), Fisher BioReagents

Chemical Name or Material: G418 Sulfate CAS: 108321-42-2 Physical Form: Solid Assay Percent Range: > 98 % Molecular Formula: C20H40N4O10 · 2 H2SO4 Formula Weight: 692.7 5GR G418 Sulfate (White to Off-white Powder), >98

Chloramine-T trihydrate, 97+%, ACROS Organics™

Chemical Name or Material: Chloramine-T trihydrate Assay: ≥97% Assay Percent Range: 97+% Molecular Formula: C7H7ClNNaO2S·3H2O Linear Formula: CH3C6H4SO2N(Cl)Na·3H2O Formula Weight: 281.69 MDL Number: MFCD00149066 5KG Chloramine-T trihydrate, 97+%

Ampicillin Sodium Salt (Crystalline Powder), Fisher BioReagents

Chemical Name or Material: Ampicillin Sodium Salt CAS: 69-52-3 Physical Form: Solid Molecular Formula: C16H18N3O4SNa Formula Weight: 371.39 Synonym: Ampicillin 5GR Ampicillin Sodium Salt (Crystalline Powder)

Corning™ cellgro™ Kanamycin Sulfate

Packaged in plastic bottles X6 50 mL Kanamycin Sulfate 5,000 µg/mL Solution

Corning™ cellgro™ Hygromycin B Solution

Blocks polypeptide synthesis and inhibits elongation. 20 mL Hygromycin B solution

Corning™ cellgro™ Gentamicin Sulfate

Packaged in plastic bottles 1GR Gentamicin Sulfate, Powder