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With over 8 million products to choose from, we offer options for virtually any application and delivery times to keep your research moving. Whether you need real-time PCR assays, siRNAs, DNA oligos or antibodies, there is a solution for you.

Products available via the tool are :

  • Predesigned Applied Biosystems™ Taqman® Assays Our predesigned oligos include trusted TaqMan Assays for real-time PCR analysis of gene expression, genetic variation, and noncoding RNAs.

  • Invitrogen™ antibodies Explore our extensive portfolio of more than 45,000 high-quality antibodies and find the one that fit your need using our powerful search engine. We offer primary and secondary antibodies consisting of monoclonal, polyclonal and various conjugates. Find yours!

  • Invitrogen™ RNAi Oligos Design your own RNAi oligos, or search our database for pre-designed and validated RNAi sequences. Selecting the technology specificity you need from Invitrogen™ Ambion™ Silencer™ Select siRNAs, Invitrogen™ Ambion™ Stealth siRNAs and Invitrogen™ Ambion™ Silencer™ siRNAs.

  • Invitrogen™ Custom DNA/ RNA oligos Custom oligos are offered with standard deoxynucleotides, modified bases and 5’ and 3’-modified nucleotides.

How to access the tool

  • Click the "Here" to login
  • Enter your Username / Password and login
  • Click on "My account"
  • In the "Extras" section, click on the link named "Order Oligo and Assay Products"
  • You will then enter the tool and can start your search

Don’t hesitate to take a look at our videos below, they will tell you how to find the right assay!

Choosing the Right TaqMan Assay
Finding the Right TaqMan Gene Expression Assay
TaqMan Assay Search Tool- Real Customers
Searching for TaqMan miRNA Assays
Finding the Right Taqman SNP Genotyping Assay
Finding the Right Ambion miRNA
Finding the Right Ambion siRNA