Electrodes and Accessories

Consort™ Conductivity Electrodes

Designed for laboratory, industrial, biotechnology and medical applications. Consort™ Conductivity Electrodes are high quality electrochemical analytical sensors. A range of electrodes is available for general field use, with micro volumes or for measuring high conductivities. CONDUCTIVITY ELECTRODE SK10T

Mettler Toledo™ Specialty Series pH and pH/ATC Combination Electrodes: InLab™ Flex-Micro pH

Speciality electrodes designed for unique applications. PH SENSOR -TOLEDO INLAB FLEX-MICRO POROUSPTFE junction, epoxy shaft KCl electrolyte, ARGENT

WTW™ TetraCon™ 325 Standard Conductivity Cell

Use these conductivity cells for precise and reliable measurements in any conditions. WTW™ TetraCon™ 325 Standard Conductivity Cells feature 4 electrode technology makes them insensitive to pollution, uninfluenced by polarization effects. PROBE CONDUCTIVITY 4 ELECTRODE EPOXY WITH IP68plug & 1.5m cable 120mm lengh 1 uS/cm to 2S/cm,

Fisherbrand™ General Use pH Electrode With BNC Plug

Use this electrode for many common sample types such as aqueous samples and drinking water. Fisherbrand™ General Use pH Electrodes are ideal for general lab use and include a BNC Plug. pH electrode Fisherbrand 1m cable with BNCglass body 12mm x 120mm

WTW™ SenTix™ Mic-D PLUS Electrode

Special samples require special electrodes. pH value of low-ion samples, smallest volumes and much more: No problem for the SenTix™ specialists. A selection of insertion, micro and other special electrodes solve nearly any pH measuring problem. SENTIX MIC-D ELECTRODE

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ pH Electrode Cleaning and Storage Solutions

Restore proper electrode performance and prolong electrode life using Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ pH Electrode Cleaning and Storage Solutions. STORAGE SOLUTION 475ML

WTW™ SenTix™ 41 pH Electrode

Use these pH electrodes for portable measurement and routine measurement in the lab. WTW™ SenTix™ 41 pH Electrodes are ideal for applications where reliable measured values are needed under adverse conditions. ELECTRODE COMBINATION PH WITHBUILT IN TEMP SENSOR,gel electrolyte glass with DIN plug and 1m cable

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Model 91-72 Sure-Flow pH Electrode

The Thermo Scienitfic™ Orion Model 91-72 Sure-Flow pH Electrode is a chemical resistant glass body combination electrode for clog-free measurements of soil, sludge, colloids, and viscous material. GLASS SURE-FLOW AG/AGCL 1M CAB

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 9104BNWP Combination pH Electrode

Carry out everyday lab work with this durable electrode, which includes silver/silver chloride references widely used because of their accuracy and broad temperature range. AG/AGCL RUGGED BULB W/P BNC 1M

Mettler Toledo™ Temperature Probes for Benchtop pH Meter

For use with Benchtop pH Meters. ATC PROBE (30K NTC)

Consort™ C3050T Bio-Electronic Analyzer Kit

A bio-electronic analyser kit capable of measuring all parameters according to Vincent's method, supplied complete with meter, pH and conductivity electrodes, buffers, conductivity standards, and electrode holders. PH/EC METER BIO-ELECTRONIC KIT

WTW™ SenTix™ 51 PLUS Electrode

pH electrodes with gel electrolyte are ideal for portable measurement but also for routine measurement in the lab SENTIX51 ELECTRODE

WTW™ SenTix™ 81 pH Electrode

Use these pH electrodes for portable measurement and routine measurement in the lab. WTW™ SenTix™ 81 pH Electrodes are ideal for applications where reliable measured values are needed under adverse conditions. PH ELECTRODE SENTIX 81 1M CABLE

Cole-Parmer™ Cole-Parmer pH reference half-cell, Ag/AgCl fill, glass body


Fisherbrand™ Tuff-Tip™ Combination pH Electrode

This combination pH electrode is ideal for measuring heavily loaded samples with high pollution degree. pH electrode Fisherbrand Tuff Tip epoxy body1m cable with BNC 12mm x 120mm

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Cyanide Electrodes

Measure cyanide ions in aqueous solutions quickly, simply, accurately and economically with the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Cyanide Electrodes. ION SELECTIVE ELECTRODE ORIONcyanide solidstate half-cell BNC connector 8 x

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Silver Billet Electrodes

Acquire an accurate determination of potentiometric halides with dual electrodes using Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Silver Billet Electrodes. COMBI SILVER REDOX ELECT. SCREWCAP

SI Analytics™ Potassium Chloride Solution, 3M


Consort™ Special pH Electrode


WTW™ SenTix™ 940 Digital IDS pH/ORP Electrodes

Provides optimum digital measurement of pH with built-in electrode quality monitoring that is usable in all areas of lab and field measurement. SENTIX 940 ELECTRODE

WTW™ Display


WTW™ SenTix™ Epoxy Combination pH Electrode

For use with WTW ProfiLine and inoLab™ pH meter series, this SenTix™ Epoxy Combination pH Electrode is Ideal for portable measurements as well as for routine measurements in-the-laboratory. PH/ATC ELECTRODE GEL 3M CABLETemperaturfühler SenTix 41-3

Sentek™ Jam Electrode


Mettler Toledo™ Probes for S30 and S70 Meters

Designed for determination of conductivity in pure water samples. CONDUCTIVITY PROBE INLAB 731

WTW™ KCL Electrolyte Solutions

These KCL solutions are ideal for the operation, cleaning, and storage of electrodes. 250ML KCL 3M SOLUTION

Mettler Toledo™ Ion-Selective Combination Electrodes: Filling Solutions

For use with ISE combination electrodes. ELECTROLYTE FOR DX240-CA2+

Consort™ 3 Membranes Electrolyte Set


Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 2-Electrode Conductivity Cells

Perform applications in either the lab or the field with these versatile 2-electrode conductivity cells, available in a variety of materials and measurement ranges. COND 2 CELL GL/PT 13MM 8PIN DIN 1M