Glasses, Goggles and Face Masks

Honeywell™ Soft Case for Spectacles

Protect your safety spectacles from dust, dirt, and scratches. SOFT PVC SPECTACLE CASE

Honeywell Safety Products™ A700 Grey TSR Glasses

Economical and comfortable, these safety glasses are affordably priced and suitable for use in a variety of indoor and outdoor application arenas. Honeywell Safety Products™ A700 Grey TSR Glasses are designed with a sporty style and features for a secure and comfortable fit. Spectacles Sperian A700 wrap around grey frame

3M™ Maxim Series Polycarbonate Lens Safety Goggles

Maxim goggles DX / UV, PC, Bronzetinted, black frame

3M™ Polycarbonate Lens Safety Goggles


Bolle Protection™ Polycarbonate Safety Glasses

Wear the ultra-comfortable and technical Bolle Protection™ Polycarbonate Safety Glasses. They offer historic and unique protective options in the safety glasses range. SPECTACLES BOLLE TRACKER II WRAP AROUND WITHadjustable strap black nylon frame polycarbonate

Kimberly-Clark™ JACKSON SAFETY™ V30 Nemesis™ Eyewear

Kimberly-Clark™ JACKSON SAFETY™ V30 Nemesis™ Eyewear offers protection from sparks and small debris while working in welding or related areas. X12 EYEWEAR V30 NEMESIS IR/UV 3.0

Honeywell Safety Products™ Solarpro, Supra-Dura™ Lens Glasses

Designed for optimum peripheral vision and comfort where protection from the sun is crucial. Honeywell Safety Products™ Solarpro, Supra-Dura™ Lens glasses are ideal for a variety of outdoor applications SAFETY SPECTACLES BLACK FRAME SOLAR PRO EN166

Bolle Protection™ Blast BLFAPSI Safety Goggles

Clear lens, perfect optical quality, anti-scratch/anti-fog safety goggles. Bolle Protection™ Blast BLFAPSI Safety Goggles come with 99.9% UVA/UVB protection. GOGGLES BLAST CLEAR FOAM

3M™ 2890 Series Polycarbonate Lens Safety Goggles

Safety glasses AF / UV, A, without clearVents (gas tight)

Fisherbrand™ Hands-Free Fold-Up Magnifiers

Allow two-handed examination of objects while yielding a sharp, crisp and distinct image ILLUMINATED FOLD-UP MAGNIFIER 3.5'

Fisherbrand™ Magnifiers

Applied for laboratory use and other precision scientific work MAGNIFIER ILLUMINATED DUAL, MEDIUMsize 44.5mm x 44.5mm window magnification 3x with

Bolle Protection™ Spider Safety Glasses

Provides protection at all times while offering unbeatable comfort. Bolle Protection™ Spider Safety Glasses are stylish and easy-to-wear. X10 SAFETY GLASSES SLAM

Bolle Protection™ B-Line BL20FAPI Face Shield

Clear, perfect optical quality face shield. Bolle Protection™ B-Line BL20FAPI Face Shield is geared to the most common industrial risks. VISOR B-LINE POLYCARBONATE CLEAR LENS EN 166

Honeywell Safety Products™ Millenia Safety Glasses

Virtually weightless eye protection for the active work environment. Honeywell Safety Products™ Millenia Safety Glasses block UV and provide protection for mechanical work including grinding, turning and milling. 1 PAIR SAFETY SPECTACLE MILLENNIA BLACK FRAMEmirror lens 1 pair

Sperian™ Polycarbonate Visor


Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Mini Magnifier

Provides hands-free 1.75X magnification of slides, plates or gels placed on the Mini Light Box II LOUPE GROSSISSANTE X1,75 /29122

Bolle Protection™ Safety Glasses


Sperian™ Glasses

Spectacles Sperian Ignite wrap around black &

3M™ SecureFit™ SF600 Series Safety Glasses

Comprised of a semi-rimless lens and fixed-length temple arm. 3M™ SecureFit™ SF600 Series Safety Glasses include an integrated side shield for added protection. SecureFit 600 Safety Glasses, Grey frame, Anti-Scratch, Grey Polarized Lens, SF611AS-EU

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Safety Vinyl Goggles

Fits comfortably over prescription glasses. Safety goggles Vinyl

Univet Optical Technologies™ 5X7 Ultimate OTG Protective Eyewear

Protective eyewear designed to be worn over your prescription lenses and featuring maximum protection and comfort. Univet Optical Technologies™5X7 Ultimate OTG Protective Eyewear is adjustable and uses SoftPad technology. SPECTACLES WHITE/BLUE FRAME

Honeywell™ Adaptec Safety Glasses, Narrow

Designed to fit the widest range of workers, these safety glasses are stylish, comfortable, and adjustable, and feature excellent protection, optics, and Hydroshield anti-fog/anti-scratch coating. Eye protection, HW ADAPTEC NARROW BK FR AMB HS

Kimberly-Clark™ JACKSON SAFETY™ V30 NEMESIS Amber Eyewear

Wrap-around, amber lens eye protection to help see more clearly in low light or darker conditions. Kimberly-Clark™ JACKSON SAFETY™ V30 NEMESIS Amber Eyewear is lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods. X12 EYEWEAR V30 NEMESIS AMBRE

Bolle Protection™ Metal Nickel Free Frame, Polycarbonate Lens Safety Glasses

Wear Bolle Protection™ Metal Nickel Free Frame, Polycarbonate Lens Safety Glasses featuring Contour metal, which is stylish and effective. SAFETY GLASSES CONTOUR METAL SMOKY

Bolle Protection Cobra Kit Safety Goggles

The highly versatile COBRA KIT is suitable for all strengths of light and any conditions, thanks to its set of interchangeable lenses and its temple/strap conversion kit. FOAM+STRAP+SMOKY LENS COBRA KIT

Bolle Protection™ Polycarbonate Goggles

Let Bolle Protection™ Polycarbonate Goggles provide the affordability and flexibility that give you comfortable protection. The goggles have a wrap-around fit. SAFETY GOGGLES BLAST

3M™ SecureFit™ Protective Eyewear

Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology that helps diffuse pressure over the ear to enhance frame comfort X20 SecureFit SF201, PC clear lens w / AS coating

3M™ Modul-R™ Replacement Clear Lens

3M™ Modul-R™ Replacement Clear Lens suitable for the low profile 3M™ Modul-R™ Goggles. X10 Replacement lens¬† PC AS/AF For Modul-R

3M™ Refine 300 Series Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

Provides excellent coverage with fewer gaps where dangerous flying debris can damage the eyes. 3M™ Refine 300 Series Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog Safety Glasses are especially designed to fit smaller head and face shapes. Spectacle 3M(TM) Refine 300 anti-scratch andanti-fog, polycarbonate lenses EN166 blue frame