Hazardous Materials Storage and Disposal

Metro™ Super Erecta™ Top Track Stationary Intermediate Unit Kits

High-density, easy access storage Top-Track 24Stainless Steelintrmdte T - TTA24S

Gosselin™ Pipette Container

An excellent option for disposal of waste in the laboratory. Gosselin™ Pipette Container features a sturdy polypropylene plastic body. X16 Pipettes container 5L yellow

Justrite™ Steel Spill Tray

Supports up to a 5 gal. (19L) safety can with 1 quart spill capacity Safety spill tray

Fisherbrand™ Biohazard Sharp Object Safety Pouch Stand

Offers protection against cuts by contaminated sharp objects during work in labs, clinics and medical offices Sharp Safety Pouch Stand

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ M-T Vial File™ and Accessories

For compact and organized sample storage X6 M-T Vial File Stores 24 20mL Vials

Metro™ MetroMax i™ Top-Track Mobile Unit Kits

High-density, easy access storage 24 Mmax-I Tt Mob Kit Chrome24 - MXTTM24C

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ 144-Place PCR Tube Freezer Storage Boxes

Provide ULT freezer storage at temperatures down to -86°C X5 144 Place Freezer Storage Box

Metro™ Super Erecta™ Top Track Mobile Unit Kits

High-density, easy access storage Top-Track 18 K3 Mobiletop- - TTM18K3

Justrite™ Type I Steel Safety Cans

Heavy-duty 24-gauge premium coated steel cans with double seal seams Safety can Type I for flammables & fuel, single

Metro™ High-Density qwikTRAK™ Mobile Unit Kits

Kit provides components for shelving units that fit on tracks for added mobility Qwiktrak K3 Mobile Unit - BTMK3

Metro™ MetroMax i™ Top-Track Stationary Intermediate Unit Kits

High-density, easy access storage 24 Mmax-I Top-Track Int. Kit2 - MXTTA24

Justrite™ Large Steel Drum Funnel With Self-Closing Cover

Increase workplace safety and improve cleaniliness with the proper safety and storage equipment. The Justrite™ Large Steel Drum Funnel With Self-Closing Cover helps to prevent spills when transferring flammable solvents, thinners, oils, or paint wastes. This self-closing model meets NFPA1 and the International Fire Code. It shuts and locks automatically when a fusible link melts at 165°F (74°C) under fire conditions. Funnel drum assembly wide mouth, hinged stay open

S.C.A.T.™ S 90 Safety Waste Caps

Use S.C.A.T.™ S 90 Safety Waste Caps to ensure maximum chemical resistance against organic solvents and other aggressive chemicals, and thus for optimum protection of health and environment. Constructed of PTFE and PE-HD, the exhaust vent filter absorbs 99% of all volatile substances that can evaporate from the containers during solvent disposal.. SafetyWasteCap S90, 4x2,3/3,2mm OD, 1x6,4 - 9mm ID

Metro™ Double-Deep Top-Track Stationary Intermediate Unit Kits

Connects intermediate units in Double-Deep systems and to overhead track sets 18 Dble-Deep Intermediate1 - LTTA18C

Multiroir™ Crystal Polystyrene Minimax Storage Boxes

Use Multiroir™ Crystal Polystyrene Minimax Storage Boxes for your storage and transport needs. The clear, glass-like polystyrene enables you to view your contents clearly from the outside. The boxes are delivered complete with a separator kit for additional organization of contents. BOX MINIMAX 12

Semadeni™ LDPE Containers


S.C.A.T. Europe™ Collecting Tray

The safety Collecting tray, HDPE. Collecting tray, PE-HD

Justrite™ Coalescing Carbon Filters

Use with Justrite Quick-Disconnect Safety Cans X3 Safety can Centura spare filters (pack of 3

Sampling Systems™ 316 Stainless Steel Storage Containers without Toggle Clamps

Multi-purpose containers with light duty construction for a wide range of storage uses in the laboratory. Storage Container 316L ss - 75L

Justrite™ Nonmetallic Self-Close Corrosive Safety Containers

Designed to resist acids and caustics S/CLOSING LAB. CAN 4L OVA

Justrite™ Sure-Grip™ EX Flammable Safety Cabinet

When using a Sure-Grip EX Flammable Safety Cabinets, these two-door and bifold door cabinets protect workers, reduce fire risks, and improve productivity by allowing storage of flammable fuels and chemicals in code-compliant, sturdy 18-gauge steel structures. SAFETY CABINET 570L AUTOMATIC

Justrite™ Drum Safety Funnels

Prevent dangerous spills when transferring flammable liquids Funnel drum assembly wide mouth, hinged stay openlid, steel, epoxy powder coated built in flame

SCAT SafetyWasteCap S60/61 Thread

Safely connect your system waste tubes directly to your disposal system container via the ports in this cap. SafetyWasteCap S60/61 2x2,3/3,2mm OD, 1x6,4-9mm ID

Buerkle™ Polyethylene Square All-Purpose Boxes

Buerkle™ Polyethylene Square All-Purpose Boxes are for storing, packing, taking samples, sampling, and transport of pastes, granules, powders, soil samples and frozen goods. All-purpose box PE 3200ml

Sharpsguard™ pharmi 11.5 Multi-Purpose 10.91L Waste Container

An ideal general-purpose pharmaceutical waste container for the disposal of medicinal waste in original packaging. Sharpsguard™ pharmi 11.5 Multi-Purpose 10.91L Waste Container is supplied with lid assembled.
Sharps container DD210 pail type aperture lidpolypropylene yellow c/w blue lid 11.5L

Justrite™ Solid Polyethylene Acid Cabinets: One-Door Countertop Model

Superior protection against harsh acids, rust and corrosion SAFETY CABINET SOLID POLYETHYLENE, COUNTERTOP,for corrosives, one door, welded bottom sump,

Justrite™ Drum Cradle

For easily moving and securing 55 gal. (208L) drums DRUM CRADLE

Justrite™ Biohazard Waste Can

The Justrite Biohazard Waste Can is a sturdy, steel can used to store contaminated laundry as well as other regulated waste. Can features a leakproof construction with foot-operated, self-closing lid. BIOHAZARD STEEL WASTE BIN 38L

Sharpsafe™ Impenetrable Polypropylene Disposal Containers

Use Sharpsafe™ Impenetrable Polypropylene Disposal Containers for incinerations or alternative treatments and for outstanding, impenetrable protection from leaks or sharps. X10 RECTANGULAR CONTAINER 30L

Justrite™ Oily Waste Can