Glass Beads, Stopcocks and Specialty Glass Labware

Afora™ Head


Duran™ PTFE Valve Pins

PTFE pin for valves ''PRODURAN'', passage 0 - 4 mm

Duran™ PTFE Valve Pins

PTFE pin for valves ''PRODURAN'', passage 0 - 2.5mm

Cole-Parmer™ 3-Way Large Bore Stopcock

Perfect for handling higher flow volumes in process while using connections similar to luer systems. Cole-Parmer™ 3-Way Large Bore Stopcock is non-sterile and not approved or intended for medical, clinical, surgical or other patient oriented applications. X10 STOPCOCK 3-WAY MALE LOCK

Helios Italquartz™ Quartz Wool

For filtration and insulation in environments where high quartz purity properties are needed. Helios Italquartz™ Quartz Wool is chemically inert. 50GR PURE QUARTZ WHOOL

Anti-Bumping Granules, Extra Pure, Fused Alumina, SLR, Fisher Chemical

Added to liquids to make them boil more calmly. 1KG Anti-bumping granules, extra pure, fused alumina, SLR

Hecht Karl™ Glass Balls

Made of clear, polished glass. Karl Hecht™ Glass Balls can be used as boiling stones, mixing beads or for distillation columns. GLASS BALL DIAM 4 MM 1 KG

Hecht Karl™ Glass Beads

Glass Bead, 3MM, 1kg

Thermo Scientific™ Spectrophotometer Test-tube Cuvettes

Thermo Scientific™ Test-Tube Cuvettes are easy-to-use, inexpensive spectrophotometer cells for routine analyses. X12 CELL FOR QUANTECH FLUOROMETEr 20mm path(pack of 12)

Afora™ Gas Washing Bottles


Cole-Parmer™ PFA Stopcock

Stopcock with Compression Fittings 1/4"

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ Gas Bubbler

Used with mineral oil to observe gaseous addition to reactions BUBBLER MINERAL OIL

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Solid Borosilicate Glass Beads for Distillation Columns

Resist attack by liquids or vapors X1lb Beads, solid glass, 6mm (Approx. 1800 beads)

ACROS Organics™ Glass Beads, 500 to 750um

25GR Glass beads, 500-750 micron

Afora™ Reactor Cover

Use the Afora™ Reactor Cover in conjunction with this product. TAPA REACTOR

Saint-Gobain™ Chemware™ PTFE Solid Balls

Minimize “bumping” in boiling X100 SPHERES SOLID PTFE 6.4MM (PACK OF 100)

Acros Organics™ Quartz Wool

10GR Quartz wool, coarse, 9-30 micron

ACROS Organics™ Glass Wool

Filter aid 250GR Glass wool

ACROS Organics™ Boiling stones, for preparative work

For preparative work 250GR Boiling stones, for preparative work

Cole-Parmer™ Polycarbonate Luer Fitting


Cole-Parmer™ Glass Beads for Mills


Cole-Parmer™ 3-Way Male Lock Stopcock


Acros Organics™ Quartz Wool

50GR Quartz wool, fine

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Three-way Stopcock

Experience in-house fluid transfer system flexibility with this three-way stopcock, arranged in a T-shape to simply any two — or all three — arms of the stopcock with ease. X4 TUBING STOPCOCK PP THREE WAY

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Stopcocks

Develop in-house fluid transfer systems for accurate filling or dispensing. These stopcocks provide reliable, accurate liquid flow control. STOPCOCK PP/TFE,2MM

Reaction Cap Electrothermal Standard

X6 Reaction cap Electrothermal 22SVL standard for

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ PTFE Boiling Stone

Use these PTFE chips to promote gentle, efficient boiling and help prevent overheating of highly volatile liquids. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Chemware™ PTFE Boiling Stones are not affected by acids, hydrocarbons, ketones, esters, alcohols or alkalis. Chemware®-Siedesteine aus PTFE VE=450 g

Cole-Parmer™ Nickel-Plated Brass One-way Stopcocks

One-way stopcocks, male luer lock x male luer locknickel-plated brass

Afora™ Liebig Condenser

Creates condensate with large surface area of the straight inner tube which is surrounded by a larger straight outer tube. Afora™ Liebig Condenser is capable of condensing liquid from a much greater flow of incoming vapor. Considered the most efficient type of condenser. REFRIGERANTE LIEBIG 19/26