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Whatever your research focus, we have a solution for you. Choose from a large range of 24, 96 and 384-well filter plates.

Membrane materials listed at the bottom of the page.

Aqueous FiltrationSupor™, wwPTFE
Cell ClarificationSeitz™ Depth Media/Supor EKV
Cell SeparationPP/PE
Chromatography ScreeningSupor
Concentration, Buffer Exchange and DesaltingOmega™
Flow Cytometry Sample PrepPP/PE
Free vs. Bound AssaysOmega
Genomic PurificationSilica-based quartz glass fiber
Labeling Clean-UpOmega
Lysate ClarificationGlass Fiber/Supor
Multiplex AssaysSupor
Particulate RemovalGlass Fiber
PCR Clean-upOmega
Plasmid DNA PurificationSilica-based quartz glass fiber
Protein PrecipitationPTFE, wwPTFE
Recombinant Protein IsolationSeitz Depth Media/Supor EKV
Sample FractionationMustang Q, Mustang S
Size ExclusionOmega
Solid Phase ELISABioTrace™ NT (nitrocellulose)
Solvent FiltrationPTFE, wwPTFE
Sterile FiltrationSupor EKV
Total RNA PurificationSilic-based quartz glass fiber

Membrane Materials

  • BioTrace™ NT - Nitrocellulose
  • Glass Fiber - Borosilicate glass without binder
  • Mustang™ Q - Anion exchange membrane
  • Mustang S - Cation exchange membrane
  • Omega™ - Modified polyethersulfone membrane
  • PP/PE - Non-woven polypropylene/polyethylene media
  • PTFE - Hydrophobic polytetrafluorethylene
  • Seitz™ - Depth media
  • Silica-based quartz glass fiber - DNA and RNA binding
  • Supor™ - Polyethersulfone membrane
  • wwPTFE - Water-wettable hydrophilic polytetrafluoroethylene