Life Science Equipment and Instruments

Thermo Scientific™ Fluoro-Max Dyed Green Aqueous Fluorescent Particles

Improve sensitivity and detectability for analytical methods with green aqueous fluorescent particles. 10ML GREEN FL PS 2.2UM 1% Flouro-Max Color - DyedMicrosphere Suspensions

Techne™ 5PrimeG Gradient Thermal Cycler

Allows annealing temperatures to be optimised in one experiment with a wide linear gradient range of 19 to 29°C. Bibby Scientific™ Techne™ 5PrimeG Gradient Enabled Thermal Cycler delivers high performance, high throughput and maximum flexibility. Thermal cycler gradient 5PrimeG/05 60x0.5mL

GE Healthcare Immobiline™ Sample Application Strips

Offer improved gel performance with faster and more stable gradients, fewer artifacts, and easier zymogram assays X5 Application strip processes 26 samples for SDS

Thermo Scientific™ 4000 Series Monosized Particles

Minimize response of analytic systems to shape effects with monosized particles. 1GR PSDVB NIST 1000UM 1000 um, packaged in 15 ml

GE Healthcare Glass Plate Kit

Used when spot picking lab-cast gels and when background fluorescence is not concerned PLATE SET DALT GLASS INCLUDING SPACERS (FOR SPOTpicking)

Thermo Scientific™ 3000 Series Nanosphere™ Size Standards

Conveniently check the sizes of bacteria, viruses, ribosomes and sub-cellular components with these size standards. 15ML PS NIST 220NM 1% NIST Standard 3 - Nanospheres Polymer

Fisherbrand™ SUB-GEL Midi-Plus Casting Dams

Accessory for use with SUB-GEL Midi-Plus Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System. X2 Gel tray dams Fisherbrand 150mm casting dams

Fisherbrand™ UV Tray

Accessory for Sub-Gel Midi-Plus Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis. GEL TRAY 150MM X 150MM UV TRANSPARENTgel tray without casting dams for Midi-plus

Thermo Scientific™ SureTect™ Real-Time PCR System

Quickly and accurately detect microorganisms in a broad range of food and environmental samples using the Thermo Scientific™ SureTect™ System. PIKOREAL SOFTWARE CD

Fisherbrand™ UV Trays

Accessory for Fisherbrand Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Systems. GEL TRAY 70MM X 100MM UV TRANSPARENTgel tray without casting dams for Sub-gel mini

BD Lysing Buffer

Buffered ammonium chloride-based lysing reagent Lysing Buffer 10X Concentrate 100mL

Syngene™ G:BOX Chemi XX9

Syngene™ G:BOX Chemi XX9 offers excellent performance and resolution imaging of DNA Gels, Visible Protein Gels, Chemiluminescence Blots and options for Blue, Green, Red and IR fluorescence westerns GBOX-CHEMI-XX9 Gel Documentation System, 230V, 60Hz

Analytik Jena US NIR Excitation Laser Modules

Analytik Jena US NIR Excitation Laser Modules are for use with UVP ChemStudio series Overhead NIR Module 680nm, 785nm

Fisherbrand™ 25-Tooth Comb for Owl™ P2-CST Multiple Gradient Gel Caster

25-Tooth Comb for Owl™ P2-CST Multiple Gradient Gel Caster COMB 0,8MM 25 WELLS ADJ2/P2/P10

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Western Blotting Filter Papers

Pre-cut cotton sheets for wet or semi-dry, passive or electrophoretic transfer of proteins from polyacrylamide gels to PVDF, nitrocellulose, or other membranes. EXTRA THICK FILTER PAPER 8 X13.5CM

Techne™ 3PrimeG Gradient Thermal Cyclers

Requires100-230V, 50-60Hz, 155w. Techne™ 3PrimeG Gradient Thermal Cyclers builds on all features of 3PrimeX instrument.  Thermal cycler gradient 3PrimeG/05 30x0.5mL

BD BD Biosciences™ Maintenance Kit For Flow Cytometer

C6 Flow Cytometer 2-month Maintenance Kit

BD Cytofix/Cytoperm™ Fixation/Permeabilization Solution Kit

Enables the fixation and permeabilization of cells which is necessary for staining intracellular cytokines with fluorochrome-conjugated anti-cytokine antibodies 554714 Cytofix/Cytoterm Kit

GE Healthcare Amersham™ Hypercassette™ Autoradiography Cassette

Use for the toughest demands of research in the life sciences. GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ Amersham™ Hypercassette™ Autoradiography Cassettes are constructed from strong aluminium and a choice of colors enables color coding of work. HYPERCASSETTE (NEUTRAL) 5 X 7IN

Hoefer™ Combs for SE 250, SE 260, or miniVE Vertical Electrophoresis Units

Made from plastics that are highly resistant to acids, bases, and all commonly used buffer systems Comb, 9 well, 1.0mm thick, multichannel pipette compatible for SE250/260/300

Syngene™ G:BOX Mini 6, Gel and Blot Documentation System

Syngene™ G:BOX Mini 6, Gel and Blot Documentation System offers excellent performance imaging of DNA gels, visible protein gels, chemiluminescence blots and options for blue, green, red and IR fluorescence westerns in a smaller darkroom GBOX-mini-9 Gel Documentation System, 230V, 50Hz

Fisherbrand™ Power Cables for Semi-Dry Maxi Blotters

Connects the blotter unit electrode plates to the power supply. Fisherbrand™ Power Cables for Semi-Dry Maxi Blotters are black/red leads compatible with SD-10 and SD-20 Semi-Dry Maxi blotters. X2 Cable semi dry blotter Blot Maxi

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Nitrocellulose Membranes

Sheets and rolls of nitrocellulose, available in two pore sizes, with excellent binding properties for Western blot and other protein or nucleic acid methods. X15 Nitrocellulose membrane, 0.45µm, 79mm x 105mm

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ D4 Horizontal Electrophoresis System Combs

Eliminate comb assembly with heavy-duty, one-piece microwell Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ D4 Horizontal Electrophoresis System Combs. COMB 17 WELL FOR D4 1.5MM THICK

Fisherbrand™ MultiSUB Choice Positive Electrode

For use with MultiSUB Choice Positive Electrode for Sub-Gel Midi-Plus

Thermo Scientific™ SURF-CAL™ Particle Size Standards

Simplify the preparation of calibration wafers with these particle size standards. 50ML PS NIST 0.220UM 3E8 NIST Standard Surf - Monosized Polymer

Thermo Scientific™ Dri-Cal™ Particle Size Standards

Use Thermo Scientific™ Dri-Cal™ Particle Size Standards for calibrating particle sizing and counting instruments that require dry particles. 1GR PSDVB NIST 10UM NIST Standard Dry - Uniform Polymer Microspheres,

Fisherbrand™ Space Aligner for FB-GC16-1 Vertical Gel Casters

Accessory for FB-GC16-1 vertical gel casters X3 SPACER PLACER FOR 27687

Thermo Scientific™ Cyto-Plex™ Carboxylated Particles

Save time when measuring analytes with Thermo Scientific™ Cyto-Plex™ Carboxylated Particles, open platform particles for suspension array analysis. 1ML FLRDPS 5UM L4 7.3E7 Cyto-Plex CM - Flow Cytometry Fluorescent

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ P7-CST Multiple Gradient Gel Caster

Cast one to five gels simultaneously with the Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ P7-CST Multiple Gradient Gel Caster. GEL CASTER P7-CST MULTIPLEgradient for 100mm x 100mm gels